Nature & Art Raki is a Naxian alcoholic drink that is made by distilling grape pomace, which is what remains of grapes after the wine making process. Raki produced by Nature & Art is a local, clear drink, which, just like all the other types of Greek raki, derives its name from the Ancient Greek word rax, meaning grape. Kazanemata or chatzanemata is what the Naxians call the raki making process (kazani means cauldron). They are characterized by their ritual and they last for two months, October and November.

The production process of Nature & Art Raki
• Grapes are harvested
• Wine is made (the grapes are stomped and the must is taken out)
• The grape pomace (leftovers) is fermented
• Raki is distilled

Quality features of Nature & Art Raki
On our farm in the village Moni of Naxos island, we keep a specially organized area, where Nature & Art Raki is produced.
Nature & Art Raki is a quality product as our raw materials, coming from our variety of grapes, are of high quality.
The distillation process of Nature & Art Raki takes place on our premises where it is closely monitored.
The production of Nature & Art Raki involves proper use of the first distillate, which is called protoraki (the first raki).
The cauldrons, or alembics (ambix in Ancient Greek), are heated in the traditional way, on wood fire.
The cooling of the draining pipe is monitored throughout the process so that we will receive the finest, purest and healthiest distillate for Nature & Art Raki.

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