* Thyme Honey
* Heather (Erica) Honey
* Flower Honey

“The bee naturally finds in the strongest smelling flowers – even among the roughest thorns – the smoothest, most edible honey.”
Plutarch, How a Young Man Should Study Poetry

Honey Products of Nature & Art
Naxos has the ideal environment for beekeeping, mostly in its mountainous regions.
The bee colonies of Nature & Art in the villages of Moni and Kinidaros, in the center of Naxos, collect nectar from the most common apiarian plants that grow on the island: thyme, heather (erica) and citrus trees, especially orange trees. At Nature & Art, we produce Naxian Thyme Honey, Naxian Heather Honey and Naxian Flower Honey. The most famous product of Nature & Art is thyme honey since thyme gives the richest blossoming on the island.
Our honey products also include Beeswax, Propolis (bee-glue) and Royal Jelly.
Moreover, we produce the Nature & Art Beeswax Cream, which stands out for its beautifying and anti-aging properties as well as its distinctive aroma.
However, the most famous Naxian product that is made with our honey is rakomelo (a drink made from raki and honey). We use Naxian Raki of Nature & Art to produce this exceptional local hot drink, the Naxian Rakomelo of Nature & Art.

The production process of Nature & Art Honey
• Bees collect the nectar from the flowers and bring it to the hive
• They chew it and produce a substance that contains honey and water
• They spread the substance into honeycombs and let water evaporate
• They seal the honeycombs with wax


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